QISMC Executive

QISMC Chairperson

Mark Warcon (CEO Gumbi Gumbi Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation)

Phone: 07 4922 8355

Fax: 07 4927 9889

Email: manager@gumbi.com.au

The QISMC Executive consists of a representative of each of the QISMC services. Members elect a Chairperson to represent the QISMC member’s interests. QISMC is funded under the Prime Minister and Cabinet Indigenous Advancement Strategy program for the period 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2018. These funds are auspiced by the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council. The IAS grant supports 1 x FTE to provide Executive support to QISMC and to provide Substance Use Policy and Program support to QISMC and to the Aboriginal and Islander community controlled health sector.